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Part Numbers

Posted on in the basics

Part numbers aren't essential for the cutting process.  However, if you have more than a few parts you need cut, especially if any of them are similar (a left and right pair, for example), part numbers are a... read more

How custom CNC cutting works

Posted on in the basics

Here at Neal's CNC, we often get inquiries where the customer says something on the order of "I don't know how this works, this is my first time".  Let's go through the... read more

Exporting DXFs from Rhino

Posted on in CAD tips

The process of creating the machine instructions ("g-code") for a CNC router, or any CNC machine, has certain limitations on the kinds of shapes it can accept. Here at Neal's CNC, we need drawings where the... read more

Engraving on slabs

Posted on in unusual materials

Engraving lettering, logos, or other imagery into large wood slabs is something we are asked to do from time to time.  Often the customer is planning to fill the engraving with resin for an inlaid look, or paint for contrast.... read more

SPACE10 Growroom at Neal's CNC

Posted on

As soon as the Medium article [https://medium.com/space10-the-farm/space10-open-sources-the-growroom-aa7ca6621715] came out about this amazing structure, Neal's CNC started getting inquiries about cutting it. We got so many, in fact, that we spent a little time improving... read more